Editor and Publisher

          Editor and Publisher is a trade publication that has been published since 1907. However, E&P claims that they began in 1884 when their predecessor, The Journalist was founded. In 1907, Editor and Publisher merged with The Journalist, and have continued to merge with many other publications since then. E&P is currently published by the Duncan McIntosh Company, which also publishes Boating World, Sea Magazine, and The Log newspaper.

          Editor and Publisher is a monthly magazine that covers the North American newspaper industry. E&P describes itself as “”the authoritative journal covering all aspects of the North American newspaper industry, including business, newsroom, advertising, circulation, marketing, technology, online and syndicates.” Clearly, they pride themselves on covering everything related to newspapers. Because they cover so much information, they have many subscribers. There are over 4,500 digital subscribers to their website (http://www.editorandpublisher.com/), and their daily e-newsletter (which is published each weekday) has over 25,000 subscribers. E&P is trying to get more digital subscribers by offering this perk: If you subscribe digitally, you receive the publication through email before print subscribers. In total, they have more than 250,000 print and online readers. When it comes to their website, in a typical month they have “more than 80,000 visitors who view an incredible 2,000,000+ pages a year.” Even though all 80,000 don’t subscribe, that is still a substantial amount of readers!

Subscribers pay $125 for a two year subscription, $65 for a one year subscription, and $50 for a one year digital edition. Although some money is made through subscriptions, E&P does sell advertising. A newsletter ad ranges from $750-$4,000 while a website static banner ad costs between $480-$2,400. E&P also makes money from E&P Yearbook and E&P Market Guide.

Comparing Editor and Publisher with People magazine (a popular press publication) shows a very stark contrast. People began in 1974 and has expanded to People en Español and People Stylewatch. People.com, the online version of People magazine, is incredibly popular. In 2011, People had 13.5 million readers in the month of March alone. This is abundantly more than E&P, which has around 80,000 readers.

Although People is published monthly, the similarities between People and Editor and Publisher really end there. E&P is focused only on newspapers, and the stories reflect that. People, on the other hand, is focused on current drama and popular people in the news. A typical story from People would be “Marc Anthony Files for Divorce from Jennifer Lopez” or “See Anne Hathaway’s Drastic New Hairstyle.” E&P’s audience is those that work in the newspaper industry, while People’s audience is typically teenagers and those that are style-conscious. Stories are told with these audiences in mind, and are written by professionals in many cases, although with People those professionals are probably style experts.

The major difference between People and Editor and Publisher is the different genres. As a trade publication, Editor and Publisher is meant for more intellectual people. On the other hand, People is meant for those that are more outwardly focused. This isn’t to say they aren’t intellectual, or vice versa, but in general, the different publication types hold true. It is also important to point out that there are probably some readers who read both magazines, and are therefore both intellectual and interested in gossip or the newest clothing trend. Overall, the similarities between Editor and Publisher and People are few, while the differences are many.