Dreamcakes Bakery excels in sweet treat creativity

This article was published in The Samford Crimson on November 1, 2012.*

Jan Moon’s love for baking began at an early age when Santa brought her an Easy Bake Oven. Years later this love turned into a career working in the test kitchens of Southern Living and Cooking Light magazines.

Eventually, Moon decided to open her own bakery with her daughter Katie. Thus began Dreamcakes Bakery.

“Jan and Katie were selling cupcakes and icing them by hand and they were selling out every day,” said Jenn Debrecht, general manager at Dreamcakes.

Their store grew quickly and the business soon moved from Cahaba Heights to its current location in Edgewood.

Moon’s dream has always been to bake cakes. At first, she and her daughter only made wedding cakes, but after repeatedly having leftover batter they decided to bake cupcakes, too.

Jenn Debrechte holds an “Over the Moon” flavored cupcake. Photo by Kaitlyn Bouchillon.

With various products, two food trucks and a cookbook to her name, Moon has done well. What started out as a simple bakery offering wedding cakes has turned into a store offering cupcakes, mini cupcakes, brownies, cookies and peanut butter bars.

From Caramel Sea Salt Mocha to Maple Bacon, Dreamcakes knows how to create cupcake flavors that will keep customers coming back. The store’s most popular flavor, Wedding Cake, is a white cupcake with almond icing. Debrechte’s favorite cupcake is the Curious George, a banana cupcake with peanut butter frosting.

Debrechte wasn’t always the general manager at Dreamcakes Bakery. As a senior communication studies major at Samford, Debrechte was only looking for a fall internship when she stumbled upon Dreamcakes, but Spring 2011 she was hired full-time.

One of her favorite things about Dreamcakes is the new cookbook, “The Big Book of Cupcakes”. Debrechte’s eyes lit up and a smile filled her face as she explained how the cookbook appeared on QVC and quickly sold out.

“Everyone wants a good, southern cupcake,” Debrechte said. “America loves that!”

*You can find the article here. All words and pictures are my own.