You Make A Difference

This was posted on on March 5, 2013*

In case you’ve wondered if you’re making a difference…

In case you’ve questioned whether you’re impacting anyone…

In case you’ve wondered if your prayers or giving changes anything…

The answer is yes.

A few weeks ago we began our Book Club study on Prayer by Richard Foster and we asked if you would come along side us and help a sister out. There were many who truly couldn’t afford the book but wanted to participate in the study – and you stepped in and filled the gap.

Forms were filled out, books were shipped, and the emails began to roll in. And since you prayed over these women, these books, and because many of you were in a position to buy a sponsored book, we want to share some of these “thank you’s” with you – we can’t keep this goodness to ourselves!

Thank you so very much!  I feel big things brewing in me and this is a major step in this process.

I so genuinely want to thank you for fulfilling this!  I am thrilled that I will be able to participate and am looking forward to the book and the group study!  I am thrilled!

Oh, my goodness!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!  I can’t wait!

I do not have words to express how grateful I am for the copy of the book.  Your kindness means so very much to me.

These women, they are just like you and me. They might be going through a tough time, but they want to dig in and learn more about Jesus and this life we’re called to live. Some of the women who emailed us shared a little of their own story…and since the power of Story is undeniable, we’re going to share a little of that with you, too.

Wahoo! Thank you so much!! This comes at a time where my husband and I are struggling on the home front, but looking fine on the outside…Really thankful and appreciative!

Thank you sooooo much! This means so much to me, especially now at this time while my husband is going through kidney failure, and I need this more than ever! God’s timing is always perfect.

Thank you so much!  I have been sick and in and out of the hospital since September and lost my job in October due to being gone.  It’s hard enough to try to pay my mortgage and bills.  I really appreciate it.

I am a stay a home Mom, and one income is at times a challenge and Mama’s are the first to be ok without the extras, I am truly touched that you all offer this to those who may not have the extra right at the right time to participate!  Thank you so much, I feel very blessed!

I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for this amazing blessing!  I have been hearing about this book a lot lately from a lot of unrelated areas and felt like I should get it, but as a single mom I was not sure I would be able to get it.  I saw that it was offered as part of the Bloom book club and felt like trying.  I knew whatever God willed, would happen.  It was such an amazing exciting blessing when I received this email letting me know of this huge gift.

Does that not just blow your socks off?! 220 women received books and many of those came from you! Y’all stepped up and gave and prayed, not knowing the hands that would hold the book.

Whether you’re participating in the study or not, whether you were financially able to buy a sponsored book for an unknown sister-friend or not, let this be an encouragement to you: Women around the world are hungry for God’s truth. Life is hard, worries weigh down, and things get a little messy for us all, but we cannot forget thankfulness.

Your prayers made {are making!} a difference.

You are community…

…and we are thankful.

*You can view this post here. All words are my own. The photo can be found here, but I added the text.


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