We Are Dreaming For You (and Looking for New (in)couragers!)

This was posted on incourage.me on March 5, 2013*

You may not have known it, but we carried you with us.

When the Behind-The-Scenes team at (in)courage got together for the very first time (!!!) we took you with us to Arkansas.

What? You don’t remember the plane flights and hurt cheekbones that came from smiling too much? How strange…because we certainly carried you in our hearts, there to dream big dreams for YOU and all (in)courage is and can be.

We may have gathered to plan for (in)RL 2014 – and a few big surprises leading up to (in)RL! – but we did it all with you in mind.

In between all the dreaming and scheming planning, we ate too much chocolate, took way too many pictures, and laughed too much – if that’s even possible. We held new babies and celebrated our ever-fabulous Lisa-Jo becoming an American.

For a few days, we got to step out of the online world of Skype calls and emails and instead we did life together in person. You’ll have to forgive the blurry pictures because the few days we had together were full of joy and laughter straight from Him.


We brought each other little surprises, and Arkansas greeted us with chocolate beauties formerly known as cupcakes.


We had meetings. We ate food . We laughed. We presented to the DaySpring team. We ate food. We toured the DaySpring headquarters. We paused for lunch and snacks. We sat around planning (in)RL 2014. We ate chocolate. Are you sensing a pattern here? We like to eat. Particularly, we like chocolate  desserts. But instead of making us all hungry, how about a little tour of DaySpring headquarters?

Every office is decorated beautifully, there’s an entire DaySpring store set up inside, and the new card line is displayed in the main entrance.


The very best thing about the building is that every office, every room, is built around one thing.

At the center of it all is the cross.


What a reminder as we sat down to dream about the next year for (in)courage! It is humbling and exhilarating to have the honor of encouraging His girls, and we were all so thrilled to not only meet each other, but to share new ways we can love on you, right where you are.

These sheets of paper for (in)courage and (in)RL weren’t blank for long – in fact, they filled up with scribbles and God-sized dreams faster than you can say “pass the chocolate!”


Now, it would ruin all the fun if we shared those dreams with you right away, but we promise big plans are in the works and soon (so soon!) you’ll begin to hear about them!

In the mean time, would you like to meet the Behind-The-Scenes team? These are the ladies that make (in)courage run from the background.


Lisa-Jo, our fearless leader and new American (yippee!). Mary, an (in)courage contributor since the beginning, and the editorial wiz who makes sure the main page always has a beautiful new post in the morning. Robin, another (in)courage contributor who writes all the posts for our amazing Bloom Book Club. Crystal, who is also known as a #twitterninja, the community leader for our (in)couragers. Anna and Amy, who keep everything running smoothly for the (in)couragers groups. Sally and Mandy, two members of our team who run all things technical and Marketplace. Kaitlyn (yours truly), the (in)tern who does all things social media (think email, Instagram, Pinterest) and guest posts. Jen, Katie, and Katherine, the girls behind some soon-to-come (in)courage goodies. And we were so thrilled that Holley and Marina were able to join us for a little bit of the weekend!

Phew! What an incredible team!

The only thing missing is YOU.

Yep, that’s right. You can photoshop your face right in here, because as fabulous as this team is, we would be nothing without His call to encourage His girls. That means you, right where you are, writing term papers, changing dirty diapers, or inviting friends over for coffee.


In between all the hugs, all the chocolate and all the laughter, we thought of you. There were so many conversations where we said, “Gosh, they would love this. You know, I was talking about something like this with Heather the other day, and Tonya said this sort of this would be awesome. We should do this!”

You were there.

In the laughter.


In the goofy, “let’s play on the swings!”


In all of it, you were there. We are beyond excited for what God is going to do in and through (in)courage. And let’s just go ahead and put it out there: (in)RL is going to be awesome.

Thank you for letting us dream for you. It is an honor, and we are blessed to take care of the behind-the-scenes so that God’s words can reach your computer screen and encourage you each morning.


Speaking of sneak peeks, behind the scenes, and exciting times at (in)courage, we’d love to invite you to join us to (in)courage the women of (in)courage! We’ll bring the cupcakes and chocolate, all you need is a heart for serving your sisters in Christ. We’re looking for new (in)courager leaders and if you feel called to lead and pour into the lives of like-hearted women for our Fall Session (starting September 16th), you can apply by clicking here. Applications are due Monday, August 26th!

By Kaitlyn, the (in)courage (in)tern. For more photos from the trip that became a hashtag (#inDaySpring), you can visit this page. Bonus? She’s giving away a DaySpring Redeemed necklace (today!). Feel free to stop by for a visit.


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