It Wasn’t A Typical Run Through The Woods

This article was published in The Samford Crimson on November 7, 2012.*


He arrived at the fraternity house, unsure of what would happen, but he knew he was in for a long night.

Although sophomore Samford student Charles (whose name has been changed per his request) expected there to be hazing during pledgeship, he didn’t know what he was getting himself into.

“It definitely takes a lot out of your schedule,” Charles said. “It’s at different times at night and it can last for two to three hours, maybe even four hours.

“There’s a lot of yelling,” Charles continued. “They’re basically trying to get you as uncomfortable as they can.”

Hazing, usually a major problem at state schools, happens here on Samford’s campus as well.

“It’s not nearly to the volume of some of the other schools I’ve worked at,” said Denny Bubrig, director of Greek life.  “But I am not going to be naïve enough to say that it’s not here.”

When hazing does occur, it’s “addressed appropriately,” Bubrig said. Some of the things that are taken into account include the severity of the offense and the disciplinary history of the organization. Hazing is usually dealt with on “a case by case basis,” Bubrig said.

“I honestly think [hazing] is just what happens, to a certain extent,” Charles said. “You have to kind of pay your dues. Would I have a problem hazing other people? No, I don’t think so. It’s just kind of a common thing that people go through this, so to kind of let them off the hook wouldn’t make sense.”

*You can find the article here. All words are my own, but the photo was added in by The Crimson staff.


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